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Gretchen's puppies are now just about three weeks old. Everybody has their eyes open and they're starting to explore their world. They're starting to figure out who they are. Several puppies have just started to find their voice and figure out how it works.

   These puppies are going to be mediums (40-45).  These puppies should be low to non- shed and allergy friendly. I'm asking $1000. A deposit of $300 will hold the puppy of your choice.

I only have room for one more deposit for this litter. So if you think you would like to add one of these puppies to your family, or have any question please just let me know.

  Our dogs are bred especially for service work.  Our dogs are known for their gentleness, temperaments, high intelligence, ease of training and health. They are Allergy Friendly and non-shedding. We start all of our puppies on their basic obedience and house training.  It makes it easier to finish their training when you get them home. They will be up to date on their shots and deworming, health guaranteed and health contract or  336-684-8797

     Each puppy goes home with a blanket and toy that smell like Mom and there brothers and sisters, a collar and leash and a bag of food to get you started.  A record of their shots and de-worming also go home with them.

Grecthen 8 7 (1)




gold 8 23 (3)Gold 8 23 (4)

Gold Collar (female)




Hot pink 8 23 (4)Hot Pink 8 23 (3)

Hot Pink Collar (female) Could be true chocolate




Light green 8 23 (5)Light Green 8 23 (2)

Light Green (female)



Pink 8 23 (1)Pink 8 23 (5) 

Pink Collar (female)




purple 8 23 (3)Purple 8 23 (1)

Purple Collar (female)



 Rose 8 23 (7)Rose 8 23 (4)

Rose collar (female)